Beer Review: Leffe Blonde

photo by Dylan Charles

So we’re going to try this beer reviewing thing again, this time without the drunken antics. Unfortunately for you, I don’t know much about the vocabulary necessary to describe the flavors and tastes of beer. So this means a lot of winging it and confusing, muddled adjectives.

I hope you’re excited, cause I’m excited.

Leffe-Blonde is what you’d call a Belgian Ale. My one experience with previous Belgian beers comes from Blue Moon. Did not like it. Not one tiny bit. It was always harsh, with a grating, biting flavor. So me and Belgian Ales have stayed as far away from each other as humanly possible.

But while I was poking around in my local beer store and I found Leffe Blonde and was rapidly entranced by the gold foil wrapper. Unfortunately, it’s still a Belgian Ale with all the tastes that come along with it. They always taste so…acrid and rough, a series of highs rather than the lows of a Guinness.

It’s not really a terrible beer. I imagine there are people out there that like all things Belgian, like the waffles or Poirot and then this beer would appeal to those people. It’s got a bit of a kick too and that’s always a plus.

SCORE: It’s a Belgian Ale, but it’s better than a Blue Moon, so…what? C+ as a beer, B for a Belgian Ale? That sounds right.

That sounds about right.

Dylan Charles

4 thoughts on “Beer Review: Leffe Blonde

    it’s light, but creamy, giving it a bit of a body unlike other lighter beers. yet it’s not so heavy as to satiate your hunger with a single glass, like a stout.
    although sometimes it’s too creamy, in which case i opt for a stella or corona.

  2. Not Peter. Next time you should try that thing Winers do where they spit out the wine after they’ve tasted it. You could have a spit bucket like boxers do. Who’d gonna hold that for you, btw? Not Em!! Ugghh.

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