Yesterday we went outside of the city, something we rarely do and something we have not done in a long time. Sometimes, it's hard to remember how beautiful New England can be, especially when it's just starting to turn to Fall. We drove down two lane roads that were closely hemmed in on both sides … Continue reading Scenery

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Fat Jack

It's been a long while since I've done a beer review and, in all honesty, it's probably been a long while since I've actually spent any time thinking about the stuff I'm pouring into my stomach. It's time to slow down and think about what I'm drinking. And we're going to start off with something season … Continue reading Beer Review: Samuel Adams Fat Jack

Halloween Anti-Climax

With Halloween rapidly approaching and with my promise to not celebrate Halloween rapidly faltering, I am stating now, unequivocally, that I am not doing any crazy, wacky Halloween stuff for my blog. No posting every day. No Thirty-One Days of horror. No five hundred horror movie reviews. I refuse to burn myself out on this. … Continue reading Halloween Anti-Climax

Pushing Back the Boundaries

Lately, it's been important for me to push my boundaries more and more; specifically with regard to things that give me the jibblies. I'm not talking about scary movies and horror comics; I'm talking about social anxieties and the fact that I would cheerfully be a shut-in if I let myself. A long time ago, … Continue reading Pushing Back the Boundaries