Food of the Gods

Food and I have an unhealthy relationship. I have a tendency to go toward the strange and bizarre. And by that I don't mean, say, octopus (too crunchy, not enough flavor). I mean that weird crap that lurks on the bottom shelves of grocery stores and gas-stations, like mint flavored frappucinos and snack cakes made by … Continue reading Food of the Gods


There are two huge issues that I deal with when I'm writing, both of them dealing with me thinking too much. One happens immediately after I finish a story. Every story starts off as an idea in my head. I know, you're shocked. The process of the story going from my head to the computer … Continue reading Pitfalls

Set in Stone…Like Talc or Something

One of the more interesting and appalling aspects of history is its malleability. I constantly have to relearn what I thought I knew about history. For example, it's common knowledge that Egyptians used slave labor to build their pyramids, who were a bunch of sad bastards who were worked to death against their will. Except … Continue reading Set in Stone…Like Talc or Something