It’s Coming

Certain folks have been looking at the weather lately and are claiming that these are portents of God's wrath. After all, hurricanes are a rare novelty on the East Coast and the only explanation can be that a deity who's heavily invested in Congressional hijinks is really angry. Nonetheless, they're all watching for the wrong … Continue reading It’s Coming

The Rules of Horror

Horror movies exist primarily to do one thing: scare people. And, for the most part, horror movies fail in that one goal. They shock, they gross out, they startle, but they don't truly scare. There's nothing scary about Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. There's nothing scary about torture porn like Hostel and the entire Saw … Continue reading The Rules of Horror

Shakespeare on Common

Emily and I went to see Shakespeare on the Commons last week. Every year, folks can see the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company perform on the Commons free of charge. This year, they performed one of Shakespeare's comedies, "All's Well That Ends Well". I didn't know the first thing about it before we went, but, after a quick … Continue reading Shakespeare on Common