The Tragedy of Apollo Creed

In all fairness, I should point out ahead of time that the following entry will interest only me. It is considered bad form for a writer to do that, but the following entry MUST be written. I've always maintained that the first four Rocky movies is just as much about Apollo Creed as it is … Continue reading The Tragedy of Apollo Creed

Beyond the Veil

Millenia ago, people believed that alongside our own world was another world. The worlds existed apart, but the borders between the two could wear thin and it was possible to cross from one t'other. It was said that in certain places, during certain times, going to the other world was as easy as crossing through … Continue reading Beyond the Veil

Book Review: Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds

It's been a while since I've read any new science fiction, meaning anything written in the last twenty years. Usually I just stick with Neal Stephenson, with occasional flirtations with folks like William Gibson and Orson Scott Card. Most of the time though, I stick with the old timers: Bradbury, Asimov, Heinlein, those guys. They've … Continue reading Book Review: Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds

An Extended, Steam-Powered Metaphor

I am heading very quickly into the UNKNOWN. And there's something kind of spooky about that. This UNKNOWN, a territory that stretches further than the distance between New York and California. It is vast, an expanse that boggles the mind and contains any number of horrors and wonders. There are dragons there, of course, and … Continue reading An Extended, Steam-Powered Metaphor

Me and the Devil Blues

I've not really been on speaking terms with music lately. I've listened to the same two playlists over and over again, to the point where I no longer hear the music. It's just a droning noise in the background, indistinguishable from any other sound. An endless, sound that rolls and wavers that is little more … Continue reading Me and the Devil Blues

Isolated Moments on a Long Road

I've been thinking a lot about moments lately. I'm rapidly, quickly, and oh so slowly approaching one such moment. It's so clearly defined, so obvious a moment, a Point where my life will be affected in ways I can't even begin to imagine. I can count the big ones, those massive moments that stand tall … Continue reading Isolated Moments on a Long Road