I’m Your Boogeyman

I came to the shocking realization that I've taken a fairly passive role with Halloween this year. As I think I've mentioned before, in year's past I used to write one short story a day for the entire month of October. Since I've decided not to do that anymore, I've been writing about scary things, … Continue reading I’m Your Boogeyman

Not Scared of a Steadicam

I haven't been scared by a book or movie in a long time. Oh sure, I've managed to scare myself by walking in the woods at night while bears rustle around in the underbrush, but that's not the same thing. If you have to put yourself in danger to scare yourself, it's not as much … Continue reading Not Scared of a Steadicam

A Rough Beast Slouches Toward October to Be Born

As Halloween draws ever closer, it becomes clearer to the people closest to me that I'm going completely and utterly insane. I'll spend hours watching the Friday the 13th movies over and over again. I'll leap from unlikely places and frighten old ladies. I'll cover myself in red corn syrup and run through the streets … Continue reading A Rough Beast Slouches Toward October to Be Born

A Ghost Story: The Lady in Black

It's 1862 and General Burnside has successfully gained control of Roanoke Island. The Confederate soldiers who were captured were sent up to Fort Warren in Massachusetts, a detention center for prisoners of war. Among those captured was Lieutenant Samuel Lanier, a soldier out of Georgia. Lieutenant Lanier manages to smuggle a letter out of the fort to his … Continue reading A Ghost Story: The Lady in Black