A Restful Walk

I took a walk through the Mount Auburn Cemetery today. That's not as weird as it sounds. It's a landscaped cemetery; as much a park or a garden as it is a place for the dead. In general, I've noticed a kind of casual acceptance of cemeteries in and around Boston. Within the city itself, … Continue reading A Restful Walk

Historical Subjectivity

I think I mentioned a while ago that I signed up for a few courses on Coursera, an site that has a multitude of classes available cheap as free. My first class, which started about two weeks ago, is History of Rock (Part One) taught by the University of Rochester's Professor John Covach. So far, … Continue reading Historical Subjectivity

Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

I've been a big fan of Star Trek for most of my life and I've tagged along with the franchise through good times (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Star Trek First Contact ) and troubled times (Voyager, Enterprise, Star Trek Insurrection). When I was kid, I loved the original series, but I … Continue reading Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Subcultures in the Mist

As I've mentioned before in posts that I don't feel like digging up, I've been getting involved in a new hobby. I'll spare you the details about what this hobby entails, as I have a whole other blog for that, but I've thrown myself completely into the subculture that surrounds this hobby and it's fascinating. … Continue reading Subcultures in the Mist