Where did all the bookstores go?

Bookstores, the ones built of brick and mortar anyway, are in serious trouble. The two big heavyweights, Barnes and Noble and Borders, are suffering and they're struggling to survive. Given that Amazon.com now sells close to 50% of all book sales in North America, it looks like the only place someone might see Barnes and … Continue reading Where did all the bookstores go?

Major Diskovery

I haven't been to a used bookstore since I left Durham. I used to go to Nice Price Books when I lived down there, but lately I've been deprived. I missed the smell of old books and browsing through stacks, not knowing what I'm going to find. That's the major appeal of a used bookstore: … Continue reading Major Diskovery

Going the Distance

I have a huge problem with exercise: it's not instantaneous. I've always had this problem.  I'd run for a few days and I'd still be winded or my time wouldn't dramatically increase and then I'd get discouraged and stop. I couldn't see any real progress being made and that was inordinately frustrating. And I'm running … Continue reading Going the Distance

No Snow Days for Dylan

My feelings about snow has always varied depending on where I'm living. In North Carolina, snow was a magical force for good. If it snowed, even a little bit, you could count on all the schools in the area shutting down indefinitely. There would be panic in the streets if everyone wasn't too terrified to … Continue reading No Snow Days for Dylan