News In An Echo Chamber

Hello, I realized recently that I get the majority of my news through social media sites and that's really got to stop. Most of the time, I only hear about events important enough to be blared out in all-caps, bolded typeface sprayed all over the worst possible photograph of Donald Trump. While this is helpful … Continue reading News In An Echo Chamber

Made to Order

Hello, I don't cook that often. My obsessiveness leads me to constantly rework the same thing over and over and over again until I'm finally happy with the finished product and then I will continue to make that thing and nothing else to the end of my days. I have a recipe for chocolate chip … Continue reading Made to Order

By the Light of A Collapsing Star

Hello, I want to talk about this article and everything that this article entails. I'm not going to summarize it. It's required reading for this blog entry. I genuinely and truly believe that humanity is advancing toward the light. We are progressing, as a whole, toward being better. I am not looking for perfection or utopia … Continue reading By the Light of A Collapsing Star

Vaccinate Against Stupidity

I don't feel that there is any reason to debate an Anti-Vaxxer when it comes to the Science of vaccines. At this point, if someone still believes that vaccines cause autism, no study, no research, no rationality will ever cause them to bend. But, let's be honest here, vaccines do not cause autism. At all. … Continue reading Vaccinate Against Stupidity

All Our Gods are Demigods

In American culture, ancient mythologies and folklore passed from generation to generation have been replaced by cults of celebrity. We rely on musicians, artists, athletes, actors and writers to show us the way. They stand above us and apart from us and demonstrate what we can achieve if we are truly great. They are inspiring … Continue reading All Our Gods are Demigods