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31 Days of Spoooktacular: Spoooky Beer Review: Blue Moon’s Harvest Pumpkin Ale

 I’m taking it upon myself to review as many Oktoberfests and Pumpkin Ales as I possibly can during the Halloween Season. All while listening to “Thriller”.

Next up: Blue Moon’s Harvest Pumpkin Ale


I know Blue Moon entirely through their Belgian ale, which I do not like. To be honest, I don’t like any Belgian ales, on any level. So I took a chance here, a deep personal risk, to try their Harvest Pumpkin Ale. For all I knew, it was a Belgian that tasted like pumpkins. And no one wants that. Not even people that like Belgian ales would like that.

So I cracked it open and I sat it on the kitchen counter and I stared at it for a good five minutes, not even daring to pick it up. That’s when I realized, that the only thing worse than a Belgian ale that tasted like pumpkins, was a warm Belgian ale that tasted like pumpkins. I took a deep breath and swigged it down.

It’s a very pleasant, yet complex enough pumpkin ale. It’s a little sweeter than some of the other ones I’ve tried and the flavor is round and mellow, without any real sharp tang to it. The spice flavor, while present, is also not as strong as some other pumpkin ales I’ve had and more compliments the slight pumpkin and beer flavor than overpowers it.

All in all, a good pumpkin ale and one that I would recommend to people who haven’t had one yet and might be frightened off by the burly and strong flavors of Pumking or one of it’s ilk.

A pleasant fruity little ale and it finally gives me a Blue Moon product I can get behind.

That’s not Belgian.

I give it five waffles and a sprout.



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Beer Review: Leffe Blonde

photo by Dylan Charles

So we’re going to try this beer reviewing thing again, this time without the drunken antics. Unfortunately for you, I don’t know much about the vocabulary necessary to describe the flavors and tastes of beer. So this means a lot of winging it and confusing, muddled adjectives.

I hope you’re excited, cause I’m excited.

Leffe-Blonde is what you’d call a Belgian Ale. My one experience with previous Belgian beers comes from Blue Moon. Did not like it. Not one tiny bit. It was always harsh, with a grating, biting flavor. So me and Belgian Ales have stayed as far away from each other as humanly possible.

But while I was poking around in my local beer store and I found Leffe Blonde and was rapidly entranced by the gold foil wrapper. Unfortunately, it’s still a Belgian Ale with all the tastes that come along with it. They always taste so…acrid and rough, a series of highs rather than the lows of a Guinness.

It’s not really a terrible beer. I imagine there are people out there that like all things Belgian, like the waffles or Poirot and then this beer would appeal to those people. It’s got a bit of a kick too and that’s always a plus.

SCORE: It’s a Belgian Ale, but it’s better than a Blue Moon, so…what? C+ as a beer, B for a Belgian Ale? That sounds right.

That sounds about right.

Dylan Charles


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