Spoooky Beer Review: Narragansett “Innsmouth Olde Ale”

The local inhabitants of old Watertowne have created much controversy among the scholarly professionals who have made it their business to research local legends and tales. The natives of this quiet little town have become lately restless. Strange whisperings among the more decadent and degenerate of their kind have indicated that a beverage, based upon … Continue reading Spoooky Beer Review: Narragansett “Innsmouth Olde Ale”

Trying New Things

I have never seen much of the Halloween series. I watched the first two or three and I've seen Rob Zombie's attempts, but that's about it. Considering it's the movie that started the slasher genre, I've paid shockingly very little attention to it. So I'm going to delve right in and watch all eight of … Continue reading Trying New Things


"All these traditions, jack-o'-lanterns, putting on costumes, handing out treats, they were started to protect us, but nowadays... No one really cares." - Trick 'r Treat (2007) Every October, I have to watch the music video for Thriller. And not the truncated version, but the full, thirteen-minute extravaganza with the werewolf AND the zombies. No matter … Continue reading Traditions