Lock Down

Last night, around 1am, I heard a sound. It sounded like a loud bang and, given recent events, I paid attention to it. But then it was quiet and I started to fall back asleep. And then the second explosion. And then I noticed the sirens and more sirens and what sounded like gunfire. While … Continue reading Lock Down

Resolutions? Uh-oh

So I think it's fair to say that I have done none of my resolutions for this year yet. That's fine. It is only April. April is...a third of the way through the year. Oh my God I have no more time to get anything that I wanted to get done and now I'm a … Continue reading Resolutions? Uh-oh

Culture Defined by Pop

Alan Lomax was a folklorist who spent the majority of his life preserving small, local folklore traditions. He believed that globalization was encroaching on the traditions of countless subcultures and slowly but surely pushing them toward extinction. He was also, potentially, a manipulative, manifest destiny toting jack-ass, but that's not important here. The main crux … Continue reading Culture Defined by Pop