Beer Review: Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

As I mentioned in my last review, I really like Guinness and other dark, bitter beers. So I grabbed Dogfish Head’s Indian Brown Ale.

Unfortunately, I made a mistake. I drank it on the warmer side of cool. While any warm beer is pretty unpleasant, this was like coating my tongue in a beery syrup. But that’s on me. I tried again, this time by chilling everything possible: the glass, the beer, the room.

And it was good, but it’s an ale that refuses to let you forget that you’re drinking it. The flavors are so strong, the beer itself so present, you won’t be thinking of much else. Eating with it is not recommended. You can either have the beer or the food, there is no room for both.

By the end of the third beer, I was overfull, boozy and comatose on the chair. Not from the alcohol content. I was just too full to move. And really, isn’t that the best one can expect from any beer?

Grade: A?

Dylan Charles

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