The North End Excursion (Part II)

There are places in this world where the skin of our world has been worn thin. Here, breaches can happen and travelers from our world can cross over to the other....just as they can also cross over into our world. These are places where the very fabric of reality has been frayed and where the … Continue reading The North End Excursion (Part II)

The North End Excursion (Part 1)

I was reading the Necronomicon, a collection a short stories by the Mad American H.P. Lovecraft, when I noticed something interesting in one of his stories, specifically "Pickman's Model". While most of his tales revolve around fantastical locations or rural areas or fictional towns, this particular story takes place in Boston's North End. There is … Continue reading The North End Excursion (Part 1)


Since today was my day off from my job-that-pays-me-money, I decided to do some research for my job-that-is-more-fun-but-way-less-lucrative. I watched four horror movies, most of them slightly-above-average. However, when I got to Insidious, I began to get angry. There's a difference between bad horror movies and horror done badly. Bad horror movies acknowledge that they're … Continue reading Tension