Portrait of a Writer’s Block

It is not without trepidition that I start this post. Not because I'm concerned that I'll reveal some deep dark secret, one that will shock the world and cause my friends to abandon me in droves. Nor am I concerned that I'll dissolve in a misty, murky jumble of emotionally driven platitudes and cliches, vomiting … Continue reading Portrait of a Writer’s Block

Scaring Myself

I've always been interested in looking at the types of horror that I write about, because I think it says a lot about the kind of person I am, about what makes me tick. I have a tendency to steer clear of anything that's spiritual. Ghosts do not scare me. Haunted houses scare me even … Continue reading Scaring Myself

The World is Miserable, Solid All the Way Through

I've always wanted to blur the lines between fiction and reality, just the tiniest bit, just enough to make a reader turn and stare a little harder at the dark around them, wondering if there might be something lurking there. I've always had an extremely overactive imagination, but it's always based in reality. I scared … Continue reading The World is Miserable, Solid All the Way Through

Ye Olde Bostontownne

One of the things that makes Boston so attractive to me is its age. I'm always drawn to old things, ancient things that have a history that goes back to the before. Ancient Roman coins, 19th century novels, and 17th century cities: they spark something inside me. I can imagine the people that have walked … Continue reading Ye Olde Bostontownne