A Mopsy Proposal

I have a theory and it involves deliciousness. My hypothesis is this: if you were to feed an animal enough something, that animal would taste like that something. To wit; if you were to feed a chicken a substantial amount of pepper, the chicken would then arrive at the dinner table pre-peppered.

Which leads to me to the most potentially delicious thing ever:

The Pudding Rabbit

A pudding rabbit in its natural habitat.

If one were to feed a bunny rabbit sufficient quantities of pudding, I believe you would then have a pudding flavored rabbit. It’s simple science, explained with graphs and numbers and things that I won’t post for fear of someone stealing my idea.

Just imagine the following scenario: a fluffy angora rabbit (named Butterscotch) eating butterscotch pudding, his little whiskers flecked with pudding and his little nose a-wriggling. Now THAT spells scrumptious with a capital “scrump.”

The best part: there are so many flavors of pudding that you’d have a wide assortment of flavored rabbits to choose from. Chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch and tapioca bunnies will just be the start!

I plan to start a restaurant chain that will serve, exclusively, pudding rabbits(TM). If you act now, you can get in on the ground floor of what will soon be the most adorable taste-sensation to sweep the nation.

Dylan Charles


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7 responses to “A Mopsy Proposal

  1. liang3

    despite the idea’s obvious gustatory merit, it is probably impossible because the rabbit will die in infancy if only given pudding for nutrition.


  2. I have to admit, I only clicked on your blog because of the cute bunny pic. But it seems you wrote a cute blog post too:).

  3. Tracy

    This has the flavor of a Cracked post in a good way.

  4. Still just as creepy and nonsensical.

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