A Return

For a long time, writing had become less than a chore to me. A chore at least has a purpose, an end goal. If I'm taking on the chore of doing dishes, by Christ, there will be some clean dishes at the end of the day. Writing wasn't even that to me. The odds that … Continue reading A Return

Strange As Life

SPOILER WARNING: I'm going to go in-depth on the plot of the game, "Life is Strange" and I will be spoiling a major plot point TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide I don't play a lot of games and I rarely finish the games that I play, but I played the hell out of "Life Is Strange." It … Continue reading Strange As Life

News In An Echo Chamber

Hello, I realized recently that I get the majority of my news through social media sites and that's really got to stop. Most of the time, I only hear about events important enough to be blared out in all-caps, bolded typeface sprayed all over the worst possible photograph of Donald Trump. While this is helpful … Continue reading News In An Echo Chamber

Raked Over the Coals: In Defense of Moonraker

Hello, I want to talk about Moonraker. Not the book. The movie. The criminally underrated movie. On most lists ranking Bond movies, lists by the way that are all shockingly wrong, Moonraker is usually toward the bottom, sometimes below such objectively awful entries like Diamonds Are Forever and Never Say Never Again. I just watched Moonraker for the … Continue reading Raked Over the Coals: In Defense of Moonraker