By the Light of A Collapsing Star

Hello, I want to talk about this article and everything that this article entails. I'm not going to summarize it. It's required reading for this blog entry. I genuinely and truly believe that humanity is advancing toward the light. We are progressing, as a whole, toward being better. I am not looking for perfection or utopia … Continue reading By the Light of A Collapsing Star

We’ve Built a Race of Robots

I've always wanted a robot. Or robots, actually. Just a couple of them, wandering around the house at all times. They don't even need to do chores. They can there. Being robots. And I'm not talking about robots that are remote controlled. It has to have some kind of AI. For me, the idea … Continue reading We’ve Built a Race of Robots

The Illusion of No Free Will

The debate over our free will has been around for far longer than I care to research. As creatures who posses a fair abundance of intelligence, we would like to think that we are completely in control of what we do. Unlike the savage ape or hedgehog, we have the cognitive capacity to decide, to make choices, … Continue reading The Illusion of No Free Will

The Robot Menace

We all have different notions about what the future will be like, about what our world will be like. For some us, the Future will be signified by an ushering in of newer and better technology; whether it's hover cars, molecule-sized computer, genetically engineered monstrosities or, in my case, robots. For whatever reason, robots mean … Continue reading The Robot Menace