Zombies, Run!: First Mission Review

I used to run occasionally, but that was a year ago and the most I've done since then is to stare at my running shoes before quickly throwing a towel over them to hide my secret shame. So keep that in mind as I review the first mission of Zombies, Run!. As I mentioned before, … Continue reading Zombies, Run!: First Mission Review

Last Season

At times, I feel like I've crashed a funeral. Every article I read about this upcoming season, there are the same words whispered over and over again in somber tones. "The collapse" "Last September" "2011" It's a spooky repetition. There's a shadow over the start of this season and for someone who's just now entering the … Continue reading Last Season

The Obsession

I've started to mentally break up The Baseball Project into segments. The first segment is, obviously, Spring Training. For the last few weeks, I've read, watched, absorbed and analyzed nothing but baseball. I've watched Ken Burns Baseball. I've read baseball books about the various players. I've read articles about the up-coming season. I've even started … Continue reading The Obsession

Outside the Fence

I have a tendency to stay away from groups. I try not to belong to things. It's equal parts introversion and orneriness. If you're on the outside, you're free of the constraints of that group. You don't have to meet every Wednesday night and discuss Russian literature. You don't have to speak some weird, hidden … Continue reading Outside the Fence