Hello, One of the things I noticed while I was researching Moonraker's standings with Bond fans is that there a million best of lists for James Bond movies and they're all garbage. All of them. There is no consistency where what movies lay where on the rankings. Oh sure, you'll see From Russia With Love, Casino Royale and The … Continue reading Ranked

Saturday Night Movie Review: Stake Land

I believe, fervently, that Saturday nights are made for watching bad movies, mainly because I'm a shut-in with the personal skills of a wounded bear who was already not too fond of people. But finding the right bad movie is difficult. You need to hit all the right notes of hilarious dialogue, wooden acting and … Continue reading Saturday Night Movie Review: Stake Land

Movie Review: Dark Knight Rises

If you didn't see my earlier entry, let me recap here: I really love the Batman movies. The ones by Christopher Nolan. I've been watching them repeatedly since Batman Begins came out seven years ago. I've obsessed over them and in no gentle way. Partly this has to do with the fact that I grew … Continue reading Movie Review: Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises: Prepping

Ever since Batman Begins, I've been a little crazy for Batman. I read all the news. Got excited about the casting. Debated the merits of Katie Holmes and how she was going to ruin it. When The Dark Knight was announced, I nearly exploded from joy. The Joker! Maggie Gyllenhaal! Two-Face! More Batman! I became … Continue reading The Dark Knight Rises: Prepping