As I may have mentioned, I'm getting prepared to watch baseball from season's beginning to season's end. The only problem is, I'm not entirely sure what I should do to prepare for this. I'm trying to get caught up to speed on the subject, but I'm not sure where I should go, what I should … Continue reading Preparations

The Stories of Baseball

For me, the sport in and of itself is not the draw. The draw is the people. It's why boxing always held more interest for me than any team sport. It was the individual who made the sport what it was. The fire and sheer ballsyness of Jack Johnson, the lightning style and class of … Continue reading The Stories of Baseball

A Sporting Attempt

Living in Boston means living with sports. In Durham, sports talk was mainly limited to people yelling about college basketball, because that was the biggest game in town. Sure, we had the Durham Bulls, but they don't inspire the same level of fanaticism as, say, the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics or Bruins. There are four … Continue reading A Sporting Attempt

Angry and Lovin’ It

I've been noticing more and more lately that I'm getting more and more angry and aggressive and it's the city that's doing it. It's not Boston in particular, it's in a big city where people can be rude and thoughtless and exceedingly annoying. I don't think cities especially attract awful people; the same percentage … Continue reading Angry and Lovin’ It

An Analysis of Fear

Over the years, I've made Horror my thing. I've watched countless horror movies. I've read countless horror stories. I've viewed the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. I've worked out the formulas for the non-Euclidian shapes of Lovecraftian geometry. I've sampled the wares of multiple cultures; the giallo films of Dario Argento, the existentialist nightmares of French cinema, and … Continue reading An Analysis of Fear