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A Mopsy Proposal

I have a theory and it involves deliciousness. My hypothesis is this: if you were to feed an animal enough something, that animal would taste like that something. To wit; if you were to feed a chicken a substantial amount of pepper, the chicken would then arrive at the dinner table pre-peppered.

Which leads to me to the most potentially delicious thing ever:

The Pudding Rabbit

A pudding rabbit in its natural habitat.

If one were to feed a bunny rabbit sufficient quantities of pudding, I believe you would then have a pudding flavored rabbit. It’s simple science, explained with graphs and numbers and things that I won’t post for fear of someone stealing my idea.

Just imagine the following scenario: a fluffy angora rabbit (named Butterscotch) eating butterscotch pudding, his little whiskers flecked with pudding and his little nose a-wriggling. Now THAT spells scrumptious with a capital “scrump.”

The best part: there are so many flavors of pudding that you’d have a wide assortment of flavored rabbits to choose from. Chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch and tapioca bunnies will just be the start!

I plan to start a restaurant chain that will serve, exclusively, pudding rabbits(TM). If you act now, you can get in on the ground floor of what will soon be the most adorable taste-sensation to sweep the nation.

Dylan Charles


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