A Return

For a long time, writing had become less than a chore to me.

A chore at least has a purpose, an end goal. If I’m taking on the chore of doing dishes, by Christ, there will be some clean dishes at the end of the day. Writing wasn’t even that to me. The odds that something would result from the time I spent in front of the computer were minuscule. I was doing it to do it. So, I made the decision to just stop. For the last year, with a few exceptions, I haven’t tried to write. I haven’t made anything. I’ve just hung back and wondered if I would feel the itch again.

And, for a long time, I didn’t.

I’m not interested in breaking down the reasons why, at least not here. I’ve gone back and forth on that in the past numerous times and that’s some tedious self reflection y’all don’t need.

I will say that I am back.

I’ll also say that I’m very excited about what I have to share with y’all over the next few months. I’ve been working on a couple of items that I will hopefully be able to announce very shortly, so watch this space.

And there is still more to come this year.

We’ll be talking again soon.



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