Hello, Music and I have an iffy relationship at best. I've never been the kind of person who sits and just...listens to music. The idea of doing that doesn't even really make sense to me, although I'm aware that my attention span requires a very specific set of circumstances to keep me in my seat. … Continue reading Soundtrack


I generally consider myself fairly open minded about music. I listen to stuff that hasn't been popular in almost fifty years. I occasionally listen to an indie rocker or two. Hell, bring on a rapper and I'll give 'im a try. But the one type of music I've never been able to get into is … Continue reading Jazzed

Me and the Devil Blues

I've not really been on speaking terms with music lately. I've listened to the same two playlists over and over again, to the point where I no longer hear the music. It's just a droning noise in the background, indistinguishable from any other sound. An endless, sound that rolls and wavers that is little more … Continue reading Me and the Devil Blues

I Asked For Water, She Gave Me Gasoline

I like rock 'n' roll and its illegitimate daddy, the blues, just as much for the mythology as for the music itself. You've got musicians who may, or may not have sold their souls to the devil just so they can play the guitar faster than a normal man. You've got a death count that … Continue reading I Asked For Water, She Gave Me Gasoline