The Numbers

.406 56 714 1.82 511 61 73

I knew there were numbers in Baseball. That’s kind of Baseball’s thing. It even has its own math associated with it. But, holy moley, I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed.

For the pitcher alone there are dozens of stats that you can follow. There’s the pitcher’s ERA (Earned Run Average), which measures how many runs he lets in per inning played. Simple enough. BUT, there’s the Adjusted ERA (or ERA+), which measures the pitcher’s performance based on the ballpark he’s pitching in. Since ballparks aren’t created equal, some of them favor pitchers and some favor hitters. If a pitcher does poorly in a ballpark that favors the pitcher, his Adjusted ERA will fall below 100.

So for his ERA, the lower the better. For his Adjusted ERA, the higher the better.

Moving on, there’s WHIP (Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched), which measures hits AND walked batters. It’s a more rigorous stat than the ERA and counts every batter that gets to base, not just the earned runs.

There’s the pitcher’s win/loss record, the complete game stat (number of games where the pitcher was the only one to pitch), balks, blown saves, innings pitched, pitches thrown, strike-outs, wild pitches, hits allowed and home runs allowed.

And this is just for one position.

I’m in danger of being overwhelmed here. So many numbers being thrown around (ha! pun). But I will march through the numbers by golly. By the time I watch my first major league game, I will know what’s going on.

Or die trying.

Or…more likely, be kind of confused occasionally.

Dylan Charles

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