A Break from the Fear

I’ve been staring at this story for about twenty minutes now and so far I have nothing. I know exactly where this story is going to go. I know what’s supposed to happen and when things are going to happen. A will follow B which will lead to C and then comes D.

I know exactly what I need to write. I’m just not so sure how to write it. I don’t know the proper words. I don’t know the pace. Nothing is really coming that easily.

Truth be told, that’s how the blog has been feeling lately. Probably as a result of my attempts at constantly feeling the Halloween spirit all the time. There’s only so much good-natured horror cheer a person can make themselves feel before they burn out and start swinging a machete like a Jason Voorhees knock-off.

So I need a break from scary is what I’m saying. I need to get out there and watch a movie that’s not filled with blood splatter. I need to smell flowers that aren’t growing on graves. I need to frolic with pets that haven’t been buried in the pet sematary.

Just for a little bit.

Then back to trying to track down a theater that’s showing Human Centipede 2.

Dylan Charles

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