Care About Other People

Hello Again,

Today, there was a news report about a woman who has the measles and who apparently decided to travel through every major population center in Eastern Massachusetts.

Now, ten years ago, I don’t think she would have hit the news, much less having articles tracking her progress through Massachusetts like new anchors tracking Santa’s sled during Christmas.

The thing that’s changed, of course, is that a surprisingly large number of people have decided that, just because they don’t understand the basic science behind how something works means they no longer have faith in it working.

Which is surprising to me, because I’m sure a large number of those same people drive cars, use computers and talk on telephones without batting an eye. They do not let the fact that have a profound ignorance in these devices and how they work to deter them from using them.

However, the moment vaccines come up, suddenly they become experts who feel the need to shout down the actual scientists and researchers who know how vaccines work. Let’s be frank here: you do not know how the science behind vaccines work, so stop pretending you do. You did not try to educate yourself on how they work, you just shoved your head into the echo chamber and heard your own ignorant rants repeated back at you.

And then, here’s the kicker here, you let your ignorance kill people because you did not want to vaccinate your child.

If you’re an anti-vaxxer, you contributed to the deaths of human beings.

That’s it. That’s all you’ve done.

There are people who would be alive today if you had just done the sane thing and protected your own children from disease.

That’s all.


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