Hello Again,

I’ve never been someone that believes in writer’s block.

There’s always something you can be working  on, always something you can be making.

Granted, I say that as someone that has never needed to survive by writing on a deadline.

I can always flit back and forth from one story to another and that’s  large part of why I never get anything done.

See? I’m already losing the thread of this blog post and it’s been less than a hundred words.

Writer’s block, to me, is not so much about “can’t” and more “don’t know how”.

I don’t know how to tackle this dialogue. I don’t know how to tackle this scene. I don’t know how to move the story forward.

And every attack point is an exercise in frustration.

Moving forward isn’t an option because it feels incomplete and wrong.

So instead, I’d move on to another story or a blog entry and then maybe eventually come back to the story and try and finish the damn thing.

But most likely not.

That’s something else I’m trying to learn while I’m doing this. To continue to barrel through a story when it doesn’t feel right. To just get on with it and see where I can go and then when I have something completed, I’ll be far more likely to fix what went wrong.

Like Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap.


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