I have this blog entry to write. I also have a story to write. And a review. I should also be editing my second book.


Instead I ended up watching X-Men: First Class. And looking at cute cat pictures on CuteOverload. And playing tower defense games.

I’ve never been good at avoiding distractions. Instead, I run toward them, my arms outstretched, ready and willing to avoid any work that I might have to do.

If it’s productive, then I want nothing to do with it. It doesn’t matter if I enjoy doing it. If I should be doing it, then I run in the opposite direction.

It’s a frustrating problem to have. It requires a great deal of willpower to beat it and since the rewards are so often long term, there’s not that short-term burst of joy that I get from, say, completing a particularly difficult level of Bloons.

There’s no real point to this entry. I just wanted the whole lot of you to know how hard it was to write this entry tonight. Especially when I could be playing Bloons.

Dylan Charles

One thought on “Distraction

  1. I imagine you running toward your aforementioned distractions slo mo, soft focus, in a field full of wild flowers…

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