It’s Coming

Certain folks have been looking at the weather lately and are claiming that these are portents of God’s wrath. After all, hurricanes are a rare novelty on the East Coast and the only explanation can be that a deity who’s heavily invested in Congressional hijinks is really angry.

Nonetheless, they’re all watching for the wrong signs. Not me. While everyone else is looking at storms and earthquakes, I’m paying attention to the new crispness to the air. I’m noticing the red and orange and yellow tinge on the leaves of some of the trees. I can hear the grumbles of children who are soon going to be in school again. It’s coming and Fall is its herald.

And my anticipation is building, because I know what those signs mean. I know what’s around the corner. And you should be excited too, because it means this blog is about to go crazy.

Dylan Charles

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