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Beer Review: Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale

To prove to myself and to my readers that October is more than just about bad horror movies and costumes and demons, I’m going to bring back something that we haven’t seen for a good long time:

One of Dylan’s Slightly Drunk Beer Reviews!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, because I don’t have much to say anymore. All the beers starting to blur together into one big boozy haze. Since I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say, I decided to leave them alone until I did. And now I do.

Since it’s Fall, there are a large number of pumpkin flavored beers out and about. I’m going to review a couple of them, so you know which one is safe to serve at your party this 31st.

Today, we’re going to start with an offering from Sam Adams, since they’re a local brewery and all. They have a couple of seasonal ales out right now, but the best, by far, is their Harvest Pumpkin Ale.

The thing I’ve been loving the most about the pumpkin ales I’ve had is that they’re always a faintly orange color. Beer is often awful pretty, excluding those that are just that sickly, wan yellow color.

Like their other flavored beers that I’ve had, the flavor isn’t overpowering. I’m not gagging on pumpkin spice. And the flavor really is less reminiscent of pumpkins then of the spice in pumpkin pie. It tastes like cinnamon and nutmeg and a host of other spices that I can’t identify. It tastes like Fall, in other words. Specifically, Fall just after Halloween, more toward Thanksgiving.

It’s not a thick beer, nor an overly bitter beer. It’s more a beer for people who don’t drink beer that often, your hard cider drinkers, for instance. It’s well-rounded, without being too in-your-face with its flavor. This is a good Sam Adams beer.

Unlike their Bonfire Rauchbier, which was one of the worst beers I’ve ever had, even including that one raspberry flavored beer I drank that tasted like spoiled yogurt. It’s a beer whose entire marketing revolves around the fact that it tastes like a bonfire and, by god, they deliver. It’s like drinking a bottle of artificial smoke flavoring, if that artificial smoke flavoring had been fermented in a vat of tepid beer for a couple of months.

Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale gets an A, but loses some points because its seasonal companion, Bonfire Rauchbier made me want to strangle kittens it was so bad.

Dylan Charles


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Beer Review: Spaten Optimator

As part of my blog’s ever-present need to grow, I’ve decided to add a new feature: I’m going to occasionally review a new beer. Here is my first review:

photo by Dylan Charles

So this is  my new blog feature. I’ve decided that I should new things. Like reviewing beers and the like. So I picked this. Beer reviewing I mean.

The first beer I picked to review is Spaten Optimator. It is a German beer from Germany and it is very good. I liked it a lot and I had three or four. I am drinking my fourth one now.

It’s very dark in color. But only a little bit dark. Not as dark as Guinness. But sort of like Guinness. It tastes like Guinness if Guinness were not as bitter.

I thought I made a typo but I didn’t.

Hi, this is Emily. Dylan’s decided to sit on the floor and drink another beer. He’s a little indisposed. He also insists that I use italics to show that this is a different voice, so please excuse them.

So: if you are a guy, beer gets in your mustache, but not if you’re a girl. I (Emily) have cute toes and am very cuddly. He’s just knocked over a beer bottle and a book, which were both balanced on his shoes. Not to worry, he says, no beer was lost in the accident. Back to the beer review, I say. According to a  professional review, it’s a very bready beer. Dylan thinks it’s a very beery beer, especially when drunk out of his special Sam Adams glass with the built-in imperfection in the bottom. He’s a bit distracted right now and insists that all of this (blog entry, drunkenness, etc.) is all my fault. My name is now “Embly.” Nebraska is apparently cornfields all the way down. Dylan doesn’t like dolphins and won’t stop talking about them. He has a whole litany of  reasons to back that up, but I’ve heard them all several times and won’t let him continue. Back to the beer. Dylan says: “I’m gonna go have another one.” He likes it and gives it three plus marks next to an A. He doesn’t like people who exaggerate their ratings with a bunch of extra plus marks and awesomeness. What you’ve got to do, he says, is think of some goddamn words. The review said that it wasn’t very foamy, which turned out to be true. We have a very boring ceiling. We have no posters and no rug (the latter of which I am responsible for). You shouldn’t let a bunch of cheap paint jobs be our decorating. We don’t even have curtains, what the hell, Embly? Or even a disco ball. That would be tacky as shit, but at least it’s a decoration. In conclusion, this beer is pretty good.

Dylan Charles

P.S. This is a goddamn super-awesome post.


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