Dylan’s Writings

These are my published stories, including my collection of short stories:

Cheapjack Pulp: My story, “Tainted Whiskey,” was published in Issue 1216 of Cheapjack Pulp and is available to read here, along with some other great pulpy stories. It’s a weird Western, taking place in the small town of Whiskey.

Tales of the Zombie War: My stories, For Carolyn and, the sequel, Carolyn, are posted at this zombie-centric site. Go check it out, as well as other zombie related stories by a whole bunch of great writers.

Tales of the Whispering Mad and the Mis-Dead :

My first collection of horror has eleven short stories specially designed to creep you right the hell out. It includes a few creepypasta site favorites such as “The Song and Dance Man” and “The Blue Man”, as well as several others that are only available in the book. It is currently available on Amazon as an ebook and on Lulu as a physical copy.

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