Rock and Shock 2013: The Day Before

This will be the second year in a row that I’m going to Rock and Shock (which is happening right now!). Last year was great; I met some people, I bought some things, and I saw a lot that celebrated horror movies, books and scary things in general. It was nice to be surrounded by a crowd of people who shared the same morbid interests that I do and especially nice to be around people who exceeded my enjoyment of the genre a little bit too much, giving me a chance to feel normal.

This year, I have only a few plans. I’m going to lurk around the celebrity room briefly. I’m going to try and find another locally made horror movie that’s been banned in Germany. And I’m definitely going to order an overpriced beer and drink it before noon.

It’s more about the wandering around and taking in the sights than about doing anything. I’ll do my best to update the twitter and the blog as the day progresses.

Until tomorrow…


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