31 Days of Spoooktacular: Spoooky Beer Review: Paulaner’s Oktoberfest Wiesn

I’m taking it upon myself to review as many Oktoberfests and Pumpkin Ales as I possibly can during the Halloween Season. All while listening to “Thriller”.

Next up: Paulaner’s Oktoberfest Wiesn

I love free things. We all love free things. If you see something in the store and it comes with something FREE, it triggers the same gut reaction as when you saw the free prize inside label on a cereal box. You HAD to have that cereal. Since I have the emotional maturity of a ten-year-old, this kind of marketing hits me hard and fast and I’m suddenly 15 dollars poorer for it.

I was in the store looking for any kind of Fall-themed beer when I saw something sitting on the shelf that arrested my gaze. It was a single beer….sold with a stein. For the low, low price of $13.00, I could buy a genuine, brewed in Munich, Oktoberfest Ale AND it came with a stein!


It was packaged in both the only way possible and in a way that’s instructive: When you get home, the beer goes inside the stein. Not the other way around. I was in awe. It’s so…big. This is no mere pint glass. This is not for some bad day. This is for a bad WEEK, a week defined by a thousand irritations and exacerbations and mind numbing tediums and monotonous combobulations.  THIS is the glass you crack out when almost every aspect of your week has gone haywire and you will be goddamned if you let it ruin your weekend night.


I realize now I gave you nothing to compare the size. Rest assured, that is not a normal sized beer can. That can holds a quart of beer. A quart. Like my new beer stein will also hold a quart of beer.

I don’t even want to review the beer. Who cares about the beer? This is about volume. This is about quantity. This is about having a glass you can slam onto the table and say, I want more! and the very world will shake beneath the blow. To Hell with bad days and bad weeks. Drink long and proud from you disturbingly large glass, because tomorrow is Saturday.

I give it a Hell Yeah.

Hell Yeah.


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