31 Days of Spoooktacular: The Halloween Spirit

For a few years between middle school and college, I’d have to say that my attitude toward Halloween could be considered…”normal”. Ok, maybe a little more than normal. I’d watch horror movies and try to get worked up, but, for the most part, Halloween was an anxiety filled night where I would have to deal with strangers constantly knocking on our door or ringing our doorbell begging for candy. Candy that I wanted.

But then I read about a website called X-Entertainment. It was a site that, for the most part, dealt with pop culture from the 80’s and early 90’s. But….once Fall started to show up on the leaves and there was a chill in the air, Matt, the site’s creator, would transform the site into a Shrine to Halloween. There was the Halloween Countdown, where each day he would bring up some new Halloweeny thing. There was the Halloween jukebox, where you could listen to Halloween themed music while you read the articles about candy, spooky decorations and creepy masks. In a lot of ways, X-Entertainment revitalized my Halloween spirit. It made me remember how much fun the holiday could be. It’s the reason why I’m listening to my own version of the Halloween Jukebox as I write this.

And then he closed down the site.

And then opened a new site that’s beginning its first Halloween Countdown.

If you love Halloween and all that it stands for, you need to go to Dinosaur Dracula now and witness someone who will love the holiday more than you possibly could and bask in the joy of creepy candy and dollar store masks and haunted commercials and everything that brings that warm, horror glow to your heart.


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