My One Word About Chick-fil-A

I am not good at not being angry. I am not good at not letting my emotions run away with my words so by the end of an argument, I’m spewing inarticulate venom at the person I’m arguing.

And, at the end of things, I’m just tired and sadder and unable to understand and empathize.

Let’s start slow and let’s see if I can keep my temper.

Let’s say that you have misinterpreted this whole Chick-fil-A thing as a First Amendment issue, which it’s not. It’s about the restaurant donating money to anti-gay groups. Groups that are AGAINST human beings because they have a specific kind of CONSENSUAL sex.

Let’s say that you see how upset and sad and angry people are who are being singled out because of this one difference. Let’s say you notice that there are millions of people who are affected by this, who are hurt by this, who are feeling like they are treated like second class citizens.

If your response is to immediately go to that restaurant and buy Chick-fil-A’s food specifically to say, “Ha! Your problems and worries and fears are inconsequential! I’m going to turn this into a I’m right, and You’re Wrong argument that I clearly just won”, then you’re an asshole.

You’re not fighting for rights. You’re not championing free speech. You’re not sticking up for the little guy. You’re giving money to a fast food chain that donates to groups that hurt people.

There’s no way to dress that up. There’s no way to polish that turd.

You’re an asshole.

Let me repeat this: You gave money to a fast food company and you told yourself you were protecting free speech. You told yourself you were a hero.

Really what you did was contribute to the severe, nationwide problem of obesity and helped to contribute to a company that actively works to restrict freedom.

Good going.

You have our eternal thanks.

You asshole.


One thought on “My One Word About Chick-fil-A

  1. I don’t know anything about this latest foment of righteousness on the part of a group that makes damn good coleslaw. What makes them so wise and omniscient and omnipotent? Oh, yeah–they got the big bucks. And they aren’t ever going to change, we’re never going to reason with them–they *are* the one fast food conglomerate that closes on Sunday for church–but I can stop giving them my little bucks.
    Now, whoever these people were who got all muddled in the head and felt they could have their coleslaw and their convictions, too, maybe if they stop and think, they’ll realize how screwed up their strategy was. Or maybe they won’t–there will always be assholes and morons. I’m just glad you (temporarily? sob!) took up the cudgel and scalpel and tried to help them rethink their position.

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