The First Pitch

Baseball season starts in two days and I’m pretty excited.

I’ve watched some Spring Training games. I’ve watched a few games from last year. I’ve watched (basically) a highlight reel from the 2004 World Series. I’ve read baseball books, baseball articles, baseball magazines. I’ve watched press clippings from Valentine and interviews with the players.

I’ve basically done everything I can to get ready for this season and now it’s almost here.

Pretty soon, they’re going to set everything in motion. The games are going to be real and immediate, as opposed to the old ones from years ago. They’re going to matter in the long run, unlike the Spring Training games.

And I’m excited for it to start and I’m ready.


Dylan Charles

6 thoughts on “The First Pitch

  1. The day a teacher, scientist, fireman, cop, EMT, or soldier makes the same salary a major league pitcher makes, I’ll consider watching baseball. Just sayin.

    1. The way I think of it, if I followed that reasoning, I wouldn’t be able to watch any movies or TV shows (since actors and actresses make comparable salaries) or play any video games (since the CEOs in charge of those companies make comparable salaries for an equally frivolous ventures) or listen to any music or read any books written by bestselling authors (see preceding parenthetical arguments).
      Our entertainers are almost always ludicrously overpaid and while that’s not right, I’m not going to single out athletes. If anything, athletes deserve that salary more than an actor or a singer, since they’re putting themselves in harm’s way and they’re not going to be commercially viable past the age of 40.
      Our society values escapism and those that provide it, there’s no avoiding that. And we all choose to escape in our own ways.

  2. Creating art, which some of those highly paid people are doing, is different than playing a game. Katy Perry and Bob Dylan should not be making the same salary–one of them is an artist and one’s a celebrity/entertainer. Creating art IS as important as being a fireman.

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