In the Spirit

So far I haven’t really been feeling Halloween so much.

I’ve watched an obscene number of horror movies. I’ve consumed a large amount of pumpkin flavored beer. I’ve contemplated costumes. I’ve read articles online reviewing Halloween goodies. I’ve listened to Halloween music. Emily even got me a mess of rubbery stretchy spiders.

And nothing.

Partly, it’s trying to sustain Halloween cheer for three months straight, which is getting to be more and more difficult. Partly, it’s because it does’t feel at all like Fall. There are no schizophrenically colored leaves and there’s no chill in the air yet. It’s killing my Halloween-buzz, goddamn it.

All I can do is rededicate myself to the cause. More horror movies, more costumes, more bad, Halloween novelty songs.

It’s gonna be Halloween up in here, even if it means covering myself in fake blood and running through the streets with a Jack-o’-Lantern on my head.

Dylan Charles

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