There is something powerful about the idea of parallel worlds; the notion that there is a universe for every potential outcome. For every particle that either decays or stays, for every time you turn left or right, for every sun that goes nova or expands; there is a Universe. Every choice you made or didn’t make, there is a you living out the consequences of that particular decision (or non-decision).

The very idea of it, the basic fundamental underlying principle of it, is an enticing one. There are an infinite  number of worlds out there, an infinite number of Earths spinning around an infinite number of Suns and there are some that are beyond your understanding. They move to a different rhythm than our own universe. They are bound by rules we couldn’t understand. Their physics is not our own.

But, ignoring the grandiosity of those Worlds, the ones that kowtow to another universal constant than our own, there are the Worlds that differ from ours in mere mundanity. The ones where you altered your life with a small decision and the resulting consequences are completely beyond your ken, because they never happened, at least, not in this World.

Every decision you make, every choice you take; they split into a thousand different possibilities. What you do, what you say, what you hear and then act upon; they branch out into an array of consequence, spreading beyond your capability to understand. And all of these outcomes exist in their own pocket Universes. The Multiverse is a spider’s web of What If that exists in the tangible.

And that is perhaps what is most compelling for me; the fantastic buried in the mundane.

Dylan Charles

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