On the Shoulders of Giants

I’ve been reading Necronomicon, a massive collection of Lovecraft’s stories. Lovecraft has always informed what I write, even before I started reading his stories. He influenced the writers who influenced me, Stephen King in particular. And when I got into my big Lovecraft kick right after high school, I began to make a couple of (terrible) attempts at writing about elder gods and eldritch horrors with noneuclidian features.

And though I stopped writing anything overtly Lovecraftian, ancient evils from beyond time will creep into my stories, those nameless horrors that can’t be described with human language. So in a lot of ways, I respect that curmudgeonly, crazy bastard. Without him, I wouldn’t be the writer I am (for better or for worse).

So when I read the first story in the collection, I was a little disappointed. There was a great idea at the center of it, but it was very short. It wasn’t really very well fleshed out. There are hints of what he would do later in his stories; creatures from the abyss, indescribable monsters that are so close to human, ancient ruins and crazed protagonists. On the whole though, it’s a cool idea without enough story or backstory. And it made me happy. While I’m nowhere near his equal in the things he does well, at the very least, I’m stumbling the very same way he did in those early years.

It’s comforting to see that because I can see that he overcame it, which means (hopefully) I can too.

Dylan Charles

3 thoughts on “On the Shoulders of Giants

  1. King mentions Lovecraft in his Memoir of the Craft. It always affects me when I find one of my heros is imitating his hero. I thought Jefferson was a genius until I read Plato. George Washington read Don Quixote and look how his life turned out. Maybe it’s hard work and enlightened thoughts that set one off in the right direction or possibly it’s duck alignment and a beer.

  2. Dear Dylan,

    I wrote what I’m calling a Lovecraftical metatext, called _The Shadow out of Providence_. Here’s the website: http://www.ShadowOutOfProvidence.com.

    Eyeball our Kickstarter campaign, especially the video, and if you know anybody who might want to back it (HINT!), please pass the word along: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/98284667/the-shadow-out-of-providence-a-lovecraftical-metat

    –Ezra Claverie
    ezra [at] ShadowOutOfProvidence.com

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