Pain in the Word

There comes short and brutal little periods where I am incapable of writing anything.

Words don’t come, they stay locked away or they just never existed.

This is a problematical thing when I’ve decided that I have to write every single day, whether I want to or not.

So I have drag each word out in painful extractions that take too long time. Here comes one word, followed by a second ripped out from some pulpy deep-rooted place. One by one they come out and I line them up on the white page.

It’s writing at its most unpleasant; where it’s all I can do to keep the sentences going. There’s no joy in it; just a mechanical process to get this task done. It’s writing where I keep glancing at the word count.

The only good thing is that I can be done very soon.  I think I’ve written almost enough to satisfy the requirements I’ve set up for myself during this month.

And we’re done.

Dylan Charles

5 thoughts on “Pain in the Word

  1. How many words do you write a day? My goal is 2000. My average is 300. Is it hard to find time or just to write?

    1. It depends. My job can eat up an entire day, but I usually do have enough time. It’s just difficult for me to get started.

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