Restaurant Review: Smoken’ Joes

I occasionally get the tiniest bit nostalgic for the South. Actually, correction, during this past winter I really missed the South. Boston’s winter was absurdly snowy. North Carolina knows that snow is a rarity and something that should only happen once or twice a year (if that). Boston apparently thinks that the ground should be white from December to March.

Anyway, there are two things I miss about living below the Mason-Dixon line: Sweet iced tea available everywhere (including McDonalds) and barbecue. And by barbecue, I mean “pulled pork” though I still can’t get used to saying that. It’s not exactly common up here, whereas in Durham you couldn’t swing a dead pig without hitting a BBQ joint. So I’ve spent the last few months pining.

But then something wonderful happened; I found a place that has barbecue and it’s within spitting distance of our apartment. It’s called Smoken’ Joes, and they’ve got multiple different styles of barbecue and blues music every night and beer too and oh, just everything. I had their Alabama style, which has a kind of white sauce. Since my knowledge of barbecues is limited to Western and Eastern North Carolina types, I was surprised at the variety of choices.

I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in Brighton. Great food and music; it’s the South without that banjo kid and Confederate flags on pick-up trucks.

Dylan Charles

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