Beer Review: Saint of Circumstance

Emily and I walked passed our local alcohol shop when we saw that they were hosting a beer tasting. Since I don’t turn down free alcohol (EVER), we went inside. The brewery was Berkshire Brewing Co., a local brewery that has a fairly wide selection to choose from (including one that tastes like coffee).  I grabbed their Saint of Circumstances IPA, as well as their coffee thing (which I’ll definitely be reviewing later).

Saint of Circumstances is not their regular IPA. The guy running the tasting told us that, due to a fire, they got the wrong shipment of hops. As a result, they ended up brewing a completely different IPA of which they have only a limited quantity and that they’ll never be able to recreate since they don’t know which hops they were shipped.

The moment I heard that it was of LIMITED QUANTITY and soon it would be GONE FOREVER, I had to have it, because I have no willpower when it comes to marketing. As far as rare, soon-to-be-extinct IPAs go, I think this might be one of my favorites. Unlike some recent IPAs I’ve had, it’s not overwhelmingly bitter. It still has some bite, but just enough to make it interesting.

It’s smooth and light with a good clean finish. I didn’t taste the smokiness that the bottle talks about, but there is that vague flavor of grapes that IPA all seem to have in common.  I recommend it if you happen to be in the area and have a chance to actually try it. And if you like IPAs. Or beer in general I guess.

A plusses!

Dylan Charles

Additional: Also, awesome name.

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