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31 Days of Spoooktacular: Rock and Shock (Prelude)

So here’s the plan; I’m going to try and post small entries throughout the day from Rock and Shock. Hopefully there’ll be pictures and commentary and at least one story of me running from a crowd while Yacketty Sax plays.

I’m terrible at live blogging, but we’ll see how this goes. At the very least, keep an eye on my twitter, because I do update that.

I’m pretty excited.


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The Rock and Shock horror convention is fast approaching and my anticipation levels are near manic levels. There’s only one more week left and it’s entirely possible that I might explode before then.

I’ve never been to any kind of convention before. I have only a very loose idea of what to expect. I don’t know what the fans are going to be like. Are there going to be costumes? Will the guests reveal that they haven’t been acting at all and go on a murder spree through the convention hall? Will they stop for pictures in the middle of aforementioned murder sprees?

Anyone out there ever been to one of these? How should I prepare? Should I bring my Elysium Configuration?

Dylan Charles

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