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Beer Review: Troegenator DoubleBock

I’m noticing a distinct trend here: almost all the beers I’ve chosen to review have been really dark. Generally speaking, that’s because I prefer darker beers. I still don’t know how to describe the flavor in Belgian beer (hoppy? yeasty? bad?), but I know I can safely avoid it if I get a beer too dark to see through.

Anyway, I bought this beer a few weeks ago to review. And then I drank it too quickly to write about it Undeterred, I bought it again. And drank it all again. So this is my third attempt to review, which I would consider a plus in its favor.

It’s sweeter, with a strong flavor without being bitter Kind of like drinking a beery molasses. It’s not too heavy either, somewhere between beers like Guinness and lighter, fluffier beers. It’s got a decent kick, without being a knock-you-on-your-ass beer. All in all, it has rapidly become one of my favorite drinkin’ beers.

So…A I guess. Do I do letter grades for these things?

Dylan Charles


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