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Made to Order

I’ve often been tempted with the idea to write scary stories tailored for an individual. A person’s fear is a very personal thing. What scares you might not scare me and vice versa. It’s hard to hit on broad stroke fears that will affect the majority of people. It’s the battle I always have with myself when I do write horror. I can go for the niche (noneuclidian horrors living in the space between space) or I can go for broad (man with stabby knife). The best I can do is try and scare myself and hope that works out ok.

Unfortunately, one man’s soul searing phobia is another man’s walk in the park.┬áBut, let’s say you went to a website and you plugged in your greatest fears, your very unique to you fears: that dark space in the attic where the light never reaches, the demon that invades and possesses, the swarm of rats that lurks under every floorboard. You pay a fee and in three days there’s a story in your inbox that is designed only for you.

And let’s say you can further customize the story. Gore turns you off, the supernatural is a big meh and you like serial killers. Long or short, violent or suggested blood, ghosts or killers; everything you need to really shake you.

Just an idea.

Dylan Charles


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