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31 Days of Spoooktacular: Spoooky Beer Review: Wachusett’s Octoberfest Ale

 I’m taking it upon myself to review as many Oktoberfests and Pumpkin Ales as I possibly can during the Halloween Season. All while listening to “Thriller”.

Next up: Wachusett’s Octoberfest Ale



Since I needed a break from pumpkin ales, I decided to go back to our old friend, the Oktoberfest Ale. It was while I was drinking this particular ale that I realized that I really don’t know what defines an Oktoberfest ale. What separates it from other ales? Age, mid-range alcohol content and an amber color apparently. Oh, and it has to be brewed in Munich, otherwise it’s not an authentic Oktoberfest beer.

Which might be why Wachusett went with a slightly different spelling of Octoberfest here. Their beer is definitely amber in color, a nice red-orange glow that would look at home on a pumpkin ale.

It’s light and airy and crisp, a perfect complement to a Fall day. It’s flavor is a little tart, a little sweet and very refreshing, if not overly complex. Unlike some other ales I might mention, it is not bland or lacking definition, but manages to find a balance between a light and pleasing flavor without sacrificing all of the complexity.

I definitely recommend it for people who don’t really want to chug down a lager or any darker, more mysterious beer filled with things hiding in the abyss. This is a beer made for sitting and relaxing on the porch while the first Fall leaves begin to fall from the trees.

I give it a smiling scarecrow, a goofy dancing skeleton and a couple of ears of corn.

Also, you can probably only buy it in New England.


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Spoooky Beer Review: Wychwood Brewery’s Scarecrow Golden Pale Ale

 I’m taking it upon myself to review as many Octoberfests and Pumpkin Ales as I possibly can during the Pre-Halloween Season. All while listening to “Thriller”.

Next up: Wychwood Brewery’s Scarecrow Golden Pale Ale


As I mentioned in this earlier review, I don’t think Wychwood Brewery is selling seasonal brews; I think this is what they sell year-round. Which is great. There’s nothing better than going to your local liquor store and seeing a Hobgoblin or a Scarecrow on the shelf amidst all the IPAs and numerous variations of Guinness that are all deep, dark and weighty.

While I love “Hobgoblin”, I am less enthused with “Scarecrow.” It’s a pale ale which are, to me, usually a bit less interesting in terms of flavor. They’re never too bitter. They’re not heavy. They’re not bursting with strange and unusual flavors. Pale ales are good for people who aren’t the biggest fans of beers, but need something to drink on a hot summer day. They’re light, refreshing and don’t leave a lot of aftertaste. You drink it down and look for the next one.

And that’s exactly what “Scarecrow” is. There’s nothing truly interesting here. I don’t dislike it. But once I’m done with it, I won’t really be able to remember what it really tasted like. Honestly, the first thing I thought of when I took my first sip was a Heineken. It was really disappointing after “Hobgoblin,” a beer with interesting and complex flavors. I know this brewery is capable of more and I felt like they let me down.

This is like watching Friday the 13th Part V and making it all the way to the end, only to find out that it wasn’t even goddamn Jason behind the mask.

Spoiler alert.

I give “Scarecrow” one Pyscho remake and a handful of direct-to-video Hellraiser sequels.



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