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Suspension of DisBelief

Lately, I’ve become more and more obsessed with the idea of bringing my stories into the real world. By that, I mean to blend reality and fiction. I want to smudge the boundaries between my fiction and the world we live in.

I have one or two ideas on how to do this. I want to have blog entries and photographs and graffiti on subway tunnel walls. I want the protagonist to leave an actual mark on the world. I want the reader to have trouble discerning what’s fact and what’s fiction. I want to shake people up, just the tiniest bit, so they’ll re-align what they think may be possible.

There are two plans, neither one of which I’ve set into motion. The first is smaller, a test project, to see if it’s a viable idea. It’ll only be online (for the most part). The second project will be much larger and span across multiple forms of media.

But first the little project. I need to get some things prepared before I can start it. I may link back to it from here. But I dunno about that. That would, after all, ruin the illusion.

Dylan Charles

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