Keeping Calm

In the past, I think it would be fair to say that I would overindulge in the Halloween spirit. I would be dragging the giant spider out of the closet in September, chugging pumpkin spice beers in August and handing out candy to strange children in the middle of July. But, as a result, I … Continue reading Keeping Calm

31 Days of Spoooktacular: Portrait of a Slasher Movie

The slasher movie is, by far, one of the subgenres of horror that most sticks to a formula. And here is the formula: Pre-Credits Kill+Character Introduction+Cat Scare*+Minor Character Killed Off+Pointless Drama/Comedic Scene+Secondary Character Killed+Hero(ine) and Killer Meet-Up+Hero(ine) Triumphs+One Last Scare=Slasher Movie This is, for the most part, how every slasher movie plays out. You have … Continue reading 31 Days of Spoooktacular: Portrait of a Slasher Movie

It’s on the Air

You can't sense it, but I can. I step outside and I can smell it, hovering on the fringes, hanging back from the senses; that lingering odor of decay in a basement that promises something hidden under the floor. You don't notice it. But it's coming. It's in the way the shadows are cast now; … Continue reading It’s on the Air