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On the Fringes of Geekery

Like many geeks, I am not, nor have I ever been, very comfortable in my geeky obsessions. They are hidden away, buried and untalked about. I’m not just talking about my love of movies and science fiction and the occasional computer game. I have secreted away still geekier joys, of which I will not speak.

But let’s say, hypothetically, that I enjoyed something like….model building. Hypothetically.

Today, I went to Pandemonium Books and Games (hypothetically) to buy a model. A lot of gaming shops will also have tables and space available for people to gather and game and have fun. As I stood there, clutching my Tyranid Pyrovore detailed metal cast kit and medium dry brush, I snorted at the kids playing Magic the Gathering and thought, Nerds, before going back to looking for Warlock Purple paint pots.

Now, I know I’m in no position to judge. I have a Spiderman Beanie Baby, an action figure of the Queen from Aliens and an un-assembled Imperial Guard engineseer on my desk. I’m firmly a geek.

But my own unwillingness to admit that this to anyone who I haven’t carefully vetted makes me extremely dismissive of people who I consider geekier than me. And that’s a little bit shameful. I have no right to judge other people’s hobbies. I shouldn’t pretend I’m not one of them and scoff at them and give them odd looks.

At the very least, I’ll take this space to admit my inner geek and to formally apologize to everyone over the past year that I’ve scoffed and snorted at.

Here’s to being more accepting of my own kind.


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The Cutting Edge

I’ve always loved gadgets. I like to read about the newest advances in gizmos and watch videos detailing their functionalities and doodads. When the Kindle was first announced, I pored over the specs, watching every available video. I followed the iPad and, to a greater degree, the Courier, Microsoft’s now cancelled tablet PC.

But I never bought any of it. I was always behind the curve, technologically speaking. I have an eleven dollar cellphone and I’m happy with it. Why would I want it to do anything else? Sure, I think the iPhone looks nifty, but I need my phone to make phone calls and not charge me crazy amounts for it.

That’s slowly started to change. After three years, I finally bought the Kindle. I got as cutting edge as you can possibly get with a book. And now, I’ve taken another, terrible step. I got an iPod Touch. I’m listening to it as we speak. It gives me information, almost whenever I want it. I’m now more in contact with the people around me than I used to be.

I’m slowly, steadily plugging in. And I’m terrified. I’m turning a corner where soon I’ll be one of THOSE people; wearing a blue tooth headset and talking to people no-one else can see. I’ll snap pictures of my pets and my lunch and then tweet them. I’ll be so busy emailing someone while playing Angry Birds that I won’t realize that the apartment is on fire

So, in conclusion, have a picture of my guinea pig:

Dylan Charles


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